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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Voter Fraud

by Saul Bloodworth

The Iranian uprising on the streets against voter fraud - which surely has happened - is very impressive. These people are taking huge risks. However, it brings one thing to mind: The American reaction to voter fraud in Florida, 2000.

So, this is not only about hanging chads or recounts, even though these have been taken lying down. This is about the Republican party making an organized event to keep black people from voting, cleansing voting lists of presumed criminals or out-of-towners without proof, to count military ballots that came too late, and, last but not least, to have exile-Cuban thugs with baseball bats keeping volunteers from recounting.

Americans took all this without protesting in the streets, and the mainstream media even presented this as proof for a stable Democracy - the people of America taking voter fraud like doormats. If they only had the courage in 2000 the Iranians are showing today...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Palin‘ Around

by Saul Bloodworth

Who would have thunked that Sarah Palin would keep hogging the spotlight for so long? Well, to begin with, that joke Letterman made about her daughter was tasteless and not very funny - more funny than Leno but that‘s really not gold standard.

Now Sarah is threatening to shoot him in the face. Let‘s be clear. The root cause of Letterman being able to make this joke is a) she has trotted out her daughters for her election campaign, and b) she did not manage to teach her daughters to keep their legs together. So, maybe a little self criticism would be in order.

Second, it should be clear to every moron that Letterman was referring to Bristol, the knocked-up older one. Still not very tasteful. In effect, however, Palin is suggesting that she believes that Alex Rodriguez would rape a 14-year old.

How about this: Letterman has apologized already. Now Palin should apologize to Alex Rodrigues for suggesting that he is a pedophile. Then George Steinbrenner apologizes for having bought A-Rod in the first place. Last, NBC apologizes for Conan.

Afterwards, everybody is banned from watching baseball for a year.

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