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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ms. Big

by Saul Bloodworth

Ann Coulter broke her jaw, now her jaw is wired (surgically), so she needs to shut up, at least for a while or two. Well, you can't make that stuff up. Now people are asking, how did that happen? My first theory was that she tried to adapt to the new times by giving a blow job to a black guy. But then I realized that this theory would not be PC, let alone family-friendly, as this blog aspires to be, so I dropped it.

Here is another little known fact about Ann Coulter: She said that the only regret she has about the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh is that he did not bomb the New York Times Building. Gee, the only? Wasn't McVeigh a convicted Neonazi who killed 168 Americans and was close to the Aryan Nations? Later, his friends burned down the Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana (where McVeigh was executed).

So, if Ann Coulter had said that the only regret she had about Adolf Hitler was that he did not bomb the New York Times offices in London during the Blitz, would she have gotten away with it? I'm afraid so. In her defense, she does look pretty Aryan.

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