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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Phantom Menace

by Saul Bloodworth

A lot of people are calling for the boycott of The New York Post, because of that racist cartoon suggesting a black president is a monkey that should be killed.

While they have a point, it does not really make sense. The New York Post, which belongs to Rupert Murdoch, is loosing money anyway. They are giving it away for free in the streets of New York most of the time.

Murdoch, however, owns a lot of other media, so maybe we can boycott Murdoch in general. Murdoch owns — in the United States alone — The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, Direct TV, TV Guide, National Geographic, Fox, Fox News and the 20th Century Fox. The latter is a major movie studio, it owns Star Wars. Right now, it distributes Bride Wars, Taken, and Australia. On TV, it runs the Simpsons.

I have the gut feeling that the people who are calling for a boycott of The Post don't read it anyway. Well, boycotting is not rhetoric to make you feel good, it does involve sacrifice. So how about this: Lets boycott the Simpsons until Murdoch apologizes to Obama! Yes, we can.

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