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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Innocent Abroad

by Saul Bloodworth

Well, well, well, David Duke is arrested in Prague for Holocaust denial. Who would have thunked?

Yes, one could argue that making Holocaust denial illegal violates free speech. And also, that it's inconsequential because it's not illegal to deny other genocides (in fact, as far as American Indians are concerned you could actually get the impression that it's illegal to say a genocide took place). But this is not the point here.

The point is that it's illegal in the Czech Republic, so this is it. We don't allow visitors from Europe to smoke Marijuana or drink beer in parks, either.

Here is the funny and interesting part: What will the usual Euro-hating, liberal-bashing, gun-tooting, bible-thumping suspects be doing (and I'm talking about, of course, Rush, Billo the Clown, Billy Kristol and Glenn "The Fish" Beck)? Will they demand that the U.S. sends tanks to Prague to free their brethen? Or will they keep quiet since they have both feet in their mouth already?

It's really a pity France did no arrest him. That would even be more fun.

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