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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Battle Of The Divas

by Saul Bloodworth.

Can I come out of the bunker now? Is Brüno over? For weeks you could not step on the streets of New York because a cab carrying a Brüno-sign might run you over, on the net, the same way. I would really like to know what Universal spent to promote that movie. So far, it made $52 million at the box office (domestically). I have a hunch the ads were more than that. Jeff Zucker is probably not very happy right now.

Speaking about shameless advertising, is Huffington Post paid by the Brüno campaign to place all those cute stories about our selfless gay-rights fighter? Because that is the only explanation I can come up with. Even today there is yet another story by some Brit complaining that Americans just don't get Cohen's humor. Here is a piece of advice: If a lot of people don't get it, it's not funny.

Speaking of funny, here is something really hilarious: The headline of The New Yorker Brüno-review: Mein Camp. Here you go.

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