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Friday, July 10, 2009


by Saul Bloodworth

Brüno! I have not seen the movie but I strongly feel that I have. Since 1978 - at least that‘s how it feel - am I being bombarded with Brüno-ads, Brüno-reports, stories of Brüno licking Eminem, Brüno befriending Cher, Brüno marrying Angelina Jolie, Brüno talking to LaToya Jackson, Brüno getting screwed by Bernie Madoff (I might have made that one up) and Brüno dropping his pants in front of everybody except his own girlfriend (although I would really, really love to see a segment on Fox News where Bill O‘Reilly drops his pants in the presence of Isla Fisher, but that‘s just me).

I start to suspect that this is the future of journalism - the press getting paid by Hollywood to promote a movie, disguised as news. Then again, I‘m open minded to that as well. Listen, Brüno: I'm willing to post some exiting and made-up Brüno-news on whatever website you desire, if you buy one of my books per posting. You go first.

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